LIVENODING / SV 4D Realtime Dynamic Audio Sculpture using Nodes in Blender
#sverchok #AudioNodes #b3d

In this episode, I am sharing a quick breakdown of my 4D Audio Sculpture created using SVerchok and Audio Nodes in Blender.

I basically started with a CIRCLE which being scaled using Oscillator wave node, and then I am using another 2 Oscillator wave node and Noise node to create this 3D sculpture based of wave and noise node of SVerchok.

Then I resample the XYZ value and remap it into audio frequency value that our ears can hear, and pass it into Audio Nodes to make synth and noise. That’s pretty much it.

I am hoping to turn this into a 4D realtime augmented reality experience, one day. Providing the controls into users.



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