LIVENODING SV Procedural Stadium Stairs using Grease Pencil Interpolation and Nodes
#greasepencil #ProceduralStairs #SVerchok

LEVEL: Intermediate
NODES: UV Connection, Curve Resampling, Curve Evaluate

In this episode, I am sharing my “solution” to this little Q&A thread at SVerchok github post thread:

Dave asked on how to make stairs like structure design using parametric nodes of SV. Something that you might see in the race course or Seaworld aquarium show.

Right away I jump into Blender and draw 2 strokes of grease pencil.

I know that we can make interpolation between 2 curve strokes. My solution involves exactly this, I resample the curve strokes so that they have the same number of points, then make curves in between the 2 grease pencil strokes.

Then the next step, I am making a steppy patterns for the stairs. I make duplicates and then I simply loft the curves using UV Connection node.


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