LIVENODING X Procedural Trucet Tile Pattern Using SV Nodes
#Truchet #sverchok #nodes

In this video I am sharing a breakdown logic on how I created something that is apparently called “Truchet Tiles”.

The technicality I am trying to explain:
– Using SV Curve Mapper to make a Curve cutter for the Square Tile that become the Truchet Tiles and it’s variations.
– How to apply 2 Materials using face index of 2 faces of Truchet Tile
– How I randomly rotate the tile
– How I apply the tile into any 3D mesh using Adaptive Polygon, similar to Tissue addon then use Wireframe and Solidify Modifiers to make every edge of truchet tiles

This tutorial should open up possibilities to create mosaic abstract pattern based on photos.

“Opt Art” From Mathematical Optimization To Visual Design”


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