LIVENODING Hexagon Fractalicious from Basic Rule and Randomness
#Fractal #sverchok #nodes

I found a Twitter post the other day by Matt Henderson matthen2

Something that seemingly super random at first will actually end up creating a surprise Fractal Art.

The rule is super simple and using 2 randomness:
– Start with Hexagon shape
– Pick random point inside the shape
– From that random starting point, pick a random edge from hexagon, from that random edge, connect the 2 point from the edge into the starting point, you get this Triangle
– Have the center point or centroid of the newly created triangle
– Use the center point and proceed with above again and again and again
– Until you see patterns emerging.

The rule is simple but challlenging enough for me to try to make using SV Nodes. I use SVerchok Monad “Loop” Feature.

My setup should be pretty easy to follow, the loop part can be improved and made more efficient using other way like SNL Script Node Lite or maybe using Python or Animation Nodes maybe?



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