BSLIVE / Creating Animated Text Object for Augmented Reality
In this episode, I am taking you through the BASIC of rigging TEXT OBJECT and animating each individual letters using Blender for AR.

You can use procedural method as well, but to know the manual way of rigging and animating bones is crucial for more efficient animation.

The final result of what I am showing is for Augmented Reality AR animation as GLB, GLTF or Apple AR USDZ for use inside of Reality Composer or something that can be shared natively to any iPhone or iPad.

* I forgot to ”center pivot” the armature object and also apply transform into the Armature object and the mesh itself. Important for baking.
* You can make animation looping if the first and last keyframe is the same

Sketchfab Torii Gate by 影狼 刄月

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