Blender 2.81 New Features Sculpting
There are great new Sculpting features added to Blender 2.81 mainly by Pablo Dobarro which I show in this video.

First of all there is the new Voxel Remesher with the new features ”Fix Poles” and ”Preserve Volumne” to great a nice and even topology after remeshing.

After that I show some new sculpting brushes like the Pose Brush, Draw Sharp and the transform brushes in sculpt mode.

There is also a new default behavior for the Falloff which is called Smooth, which is especially useful when using the Grab brush and brings a nice and creamy grab behavior.

Here is the table of contents:

00:27 Voxel Remesher
01:00 Scrape Brush
01:32 Smooth Falloff
02:33 Move tool in sculpt mode
03:50 Pose Brush
04:37 Draw Sharp Brush
05:30 Pinch Brush
06:40 Box mask and Scale Brush
07:15 Radial symmetry and extract mask

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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