Build A Prop : Knife/Blade : Stabby McJabby
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Enhanced MOP Boolean Assembly :

0:02:24 – Basic Approach/Cut Out
0:09:00 – Shaping The Cut Out
0:11:30 – Adding Thickness
0:17:15 – Prepping For Booleans
0:20:40 – Subtract And Clean Up
0:21:30 – Attacking The N-Gon
0:24:15 – Adding Detail Via Bevels
0:27:05 – Low Poly Strategy
0:28:40 – Symmetry and Bridging
0:36:33 – UVs
0:41:20 – Texel Density Compromises
0:43:00 – Bake Normals
0:45:26 – Substance Painter

Arrimus 3D:

Pushing Points Topology Scripts:

Edge Flow 2.0 Kit:

I saw Arrimus 3D was modeling a cool looking knife/blade and I wanted to get in on the fun. Come along as we do the high poly, low poly, UVs and normal map bakes on this prop … doesn’t come out perfect, but hopefully you can get something out of it all the same!

Hi! I’m Warren Marshall!

I’m a freelance, hard surface 3D artist living in North Carolina. I specialize in hard surface work but I can do pretty much anything from environments to props.

I worked at Epic Games for over 15 years and started freelancing after that. Since then I’ve done prop and environment work for some fun projects, including We Happy Few from Compulsion Games and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I’ve also done a bunch of asset packs for the various marketplaces.

I have experience with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity and know how to put assets together quickly that look good in those engines.

Here’s a link to my Art Station page where you can see a bunch of my latest work:

Visit my main web site here :

You can email me directly if you’d like :

Questions, business inquiries, support – or just to say hi!

Motion Graphics : Skye Nelson, aka “SkyeShark” ( )

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