BSLIVE First Look at Voxel Remesher for Sculpting
In this episode, I am exploring the VOXEL REMESHER feature of Blender 2.81 for Organic Sculpting.

This is a super fun way to BLOCK and find the 3D FORM of what you have in your head, before you sculpt the details.

In the past I have a lot of fear when sculpting in organic fashion like this. My background was NURBS, lofting, revolving, kind of like CAD but that’s also pretty weird when you get to making cars and hard surface 3D model.

In reality I like making character design organic and mecha characters and I think Blender way of sculpting especially with Voxel Remesher slowly becomes part of my creation tool that I love and enjoy using. Start with Skin Modifier, maybe break down and build parts of your 3D models and then put them together using Voxel Remesher.

I hope you can start to look into Voxel Remesher because this is huge and I am also start looking into Oculus Medium VR creation tool which is also using Voxel.

Look at this:

And also some animation works by Goro.

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