Blender 2.8 Sculpt Mode Features Branch Build
In this video I show how to build the sculpt mode features branch of Blender 2.8 which comes with new features for sculpting for Blender like a great and fast Remesher, masking tools, a blueprints hardsurface boxcutter like feature for modeling and many more.

I build the branch with Visual Studio 2017 for windows and also show some problems that could occur while compiling and how to fix these.

In a previous tutorial I already explained which software you need to build Blender 2.8 for Windows:

Sculpt Branch Status Report

Sculpt Branch Status Report

Also checkout Pablo Dobarro’s Patreon:

And his Artstation page:

These are the lines for the command prompt to get the surces:
git clone git:// -b sculpt-mode-features

cd blender

git submodule update –init –recursive
git submodule foreach git checkout master
git submodule foreach git pull –rebase origin master

In the end I announce a course for getting started with Blender 2.8, the Blender 2.8 Launch Pad by Zach Reinhardt:

See my social profiles here

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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