Retopology for Beginners in Blender 2.8 – Retopo the Correct Way
In this Blender 2.8 tutorial, we’ll teach you how to retopo using vanilla Blender 2.80 without addons. The techniques taught can be used to make topology for any character or 3d model. #b3d #blender

05:31 – Retopo Settings for Blender 2.8
24:23 – Retopology Demo

Enable the F2 addon
Snapping – enable ‘Project Onto Self’ and ‘Project Individual Elements’
Enable Backface culling
Object Context – Viewport Display – enable ‘In front’
Material – Viewport Display – Give it a color

ShrinkWrap – Select target object – otherwise default settings
Mirror – Enable ‘clipping’
Subdivision Surface – Use for sanity checking ONLY.

-Modeling Tools:
Extrude Edge – Ctrl RMB
Extrude – E
Loop Cut – Ctrl R
F2 – F (while a point selected)
Bridge – F
Slide – GG
Merge Verts – Alt M
Select tool – W
Proportional Editing (soft select) – O

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