How to Play Test Game Mods (Official Unity Tutorial)
Wondering how to make a game for beginners using the Unity engine? Great! The Official Guide to Your First Day in Unity is a Unity beginner tutorial series that shows you all the basics — from the Unity download step to modding, playing, and sharing your playable game in as little as 30 minutes!

In this second Unity tutorial, we introduce you to the Play Testing Walkthrough. Doing the walkthroughs is the best way to learn Unity for total beginners! In the Play Testing Walkthrough, you will learn how to play and mod your Micro-Game in Unity. Playing your game in Unity is the first way to test any game mods you make, now and forever. After you know how to enter and exit Play mode, you’ll make your first game mod by adjusting the speed of your character. Play, mod, repeat…until you’re ready to share your playable game with friends (as shown in video 6).

Check out all of the videos from The Official Guide to Your First Day in Unity here:

BONUS! Save the date for our upcoming online Unity game jam for beginners, hosted by experts, and fun for all:

P.S. If your screen doesn’t look exactly the same as what you see in the video, that’s OK, you can always view the latest text version of the Unity Walkthroughs here:

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