BSLIVE Vertex Painting Fun in Blender 2.80
In this episode, I am improvising while explorting Blender 2.80 Vertex Paint feature which is another FUN feature that maybe beginner 3D artist or hobbyist can look and get serious with.

You will be painting at Vertex Level, first rule is that the 3D mesh needs to have good enough polygon counts or resolutions, so subdivide it until it feels good enough.

If you want inspirations, simply look at Sketchfab and see a lot of stylistic and Non Photorealistic 3D artworks, and you might get inspirations.

Vertex Painting tool is simple, but you will be surprised by how complex you can get with it. Find out yourself how you can add “Dirty Vertex” operator, that one is handy.


Maneki-Neko / Lucky Cat 3D print STL

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