C++ Pointers Tutorial for beginners
This is a C++ beginner tutorial about pointers. I explain what a pointer in C and C++ is – basically it is just pointing to an address in the memory of your computer.

To change the value of a pointer, the memory to that the pointer is pointing to, you have to dereference it, which is also shown in the video.

After that I write a function to show how to change hte pointer’s memory inside of it by using it as parameter and in the end I create a pointer to a struct – a user defined type – the I create a dynamic memory on the heap.

I am coding the simple console application in visual Studio 2019 community edition and I run the program in the debugger so that you can see the values of the variables and also the memory in a memory window of visual studio.

If you like learning C++ with books I can recommend:
C++ in One Hour a Day

A good book for C++ and game programming is this one:
Beginning C++ Through Game Programming

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