BSLIVE Casual Sculpting 3D Daruma Doll using Apple Pencil
In this video, I am once again recording my casual 3D sculpting experience using Blender 3D on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. With Blender 2.80 the experience is really superb and smooth.

I am trying to make a 3D head sculpt of “DARUMA” from the base 3D sphere provided as default in Blender. I have a bit of references, but do feel free to sculpt just for joy and meditation.

There is really something meditative and relaxing about painting and sculpting, I think anyone should start doing this.

The cool thing is that in the end you can always 3D print out your sculpt or exporting it out as GLTF or USDZ for Augmented Reality.

Ask me away if you have questions. Enjoy!


Daruma Painting and Daruma Doll


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