LIVENODING 1169 Another Look at SORCAR Addons (formerly called ProcGenMod)
This is another “first time” exploration of Sorcar add-on based on my basic knowledge of the ProcGenMod add-on.

After around 5 years of serious study on Blender, Sverchok and Animation Nodes, I think SORCAR is yet another add-ons that utilizes node and procedural thinking.

– The add-on works on Blender 2.79 only for now!
– Depending on your version of Blender, this add-on might work or not work
– Search for nodes does not work if you have Sverchok, it is clashing

A few things I accidentally covered in this video:
– Generating 3D Primitives with parameters
– Jumping in and out Object and Edit mode using nodes
– Random Selections
– Extrude Face
– Shading Smooth or Flat
– Subdividing Face
– Basic FBX Output


My pre-test video on this Sorcar Add-On might also be useful:

Download SORCAR:

SORCAR Thread at BA:


View on YouTube


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