BSLIVE First Try MacOS Catalina SIDECAR feature with Blender 2.80
This video is fully recorded using iPad Pro Screen Capture.

I am basically testing a coming soon feature of MacOS Catalina, called SIDECAR, allowing iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to work seamlessly and wirelessly with MacOS apps.

Minimum requirements for SIDECAR from top of my head:
– Mac running MacOS Catalina
– Good wifi connection or just use long USB-C cable.
– iPad Pro 2nd generation with Apple Pencil

If you are curious about the performance of SIDECAR while running Blender 3D, this video is for you.

At first, it really feels quite strange and unreal because no longer I think about Left or Middle or Right Mouse Button, because it is all stylus and I am holding the iPad wirelessly and can actually walk around while using Blender!

Right click, typing on keyboard still sometimes needed. SIDECAR gives this mini keyboard that is handy but Blender “proper” use still needs Keyboard Hotkeys. Unless you are really focusing on just the stylus and interface.

While testing this SIDECAR feature, I started appreciate the interface of Blender 2.80 a lot more while using Apple Pencil and because some interface is made for “stylus” interface.

Apple Pencil stylus performance on Blender is also shockingly good. You should try it yourself if you do have access to MacOS Catalina and iPad Pro.

What I tested:
– Rough Texture Painting
– Rough 2D Doodles for Animation
– GLTF export for USDZ AR and Reality Composer
– You can also do 3D sculpting!

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