BSLIVE / Preparing 3D Model for AR Reality Composer using Blender 3D
In this BS Live video, I am giving a breakdown process on how I go about using 3D Model and turning it into an Animated Augmented Reality AR experience using Apple’s Reality Composer app.

I made the whole animated AR in under 30 minutes. It is very rough but a proof of concept. For animation, it was simply done with simple bone armature setup in Blender. The animation was done in a traditional slash stop motion animation impromptu ways.

Additional polish can be made to make a better presentation of the AR. Maybe if the creature could move its eyes and blinking, or maybe more works on the PBR Material and Texturing, maybe making the creature glow etc. Normal Map Texture usually is very powerful with USDZ as it reacts with reflection and specular.

Wth this Reality Composer app that comes with MacOS Catalina and iOS 13, I really believe access to AR is finally open to everyone!

Unfortunately my HDD was almost full while recording this so it kind of stop abruptly near the end. But at least I cover most of the process.

The most important part is export import using FBX IO and GLTF IO to help clean up the hierarchies of the 3D asset when exporting into USDZ using usdzconvert tool from Apple.

Hopefully this is useful for everyone that feels interested in making 3D Augmented Reality using Reality Composer and Blender 3D.

“Creature Deep” 3D Model by Sam Dave Pollard — Thank you for allowing me to use your model. Would love to this creature printed out but for now AR!

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