DEMO AR Animation using Blender 3D and Apple Reality Composer
The other day, I was thinking to do this “Bottle Cap Challenge” but using 3D character animation. Well, I do not exactly have my own character or asset ready but I was thinking… maybe I could just remix some of the available 3D assets online and make the animation that I have in my head…!

Currently I have a beta access to IOS 13 “Reality Composer” app on my iPhone and also on my MacOS Catalina.

Reality Composer app allows 3D artists to quickly compose and make and share interactive 3D AR experience as Reality file. This currently works for Apple ecosystem only.

I know the fact that Blender 2.80 beta is available for us to make GLTF asset that we can convert as USDZ file format that we can use inside Reality Composer.

In this video, I decided to take you through 5 minutes break down of the whole process.

The end result is “Reality” file that you share so that your friend with iPhone or iPad and iOS 13 can recreate the animation on their device.

This video demo proofs that anyone with little knowledge of 3D can NOW compose and generate AR experience pretty easily. You might still need 3D artists to make the assets, but once you got the USDZ asset ready inside your iPhone or iPad, you can make something like this pretty easily.

What would be even better is the ability to control the head (LOOK AT) and animation blendshapes. As I am writing this, Apple has not yet introduce Blendshapes for USDZ and Reality Composer.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching.

Fantasy Cartoon Character by Shadosk

Mixamo – Meia lua de compasso animation

Plastic Bottle 3D by Jeremy E. Grayson

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