BSLIVE Intro To Box Cutter and Custom Shapes With Sverchok Nodes
This is a quick easy and super basic introduction to a powerful add-on called BoxCutter for Blender 279 and 280 onwards.

I highly recommend this add-on for hands on modeling hard surface 3D geometries. Moreover you can apparently incorporate Sverchok nodes geometry generators as custom cutters for BoxCutter. And I really like this.

BoxCutter introduces a flexible GUI for Boolean procedural cutter that helps you perform creative modeling and design a complex 3D Hard Surface objects for your needs. A new paradigm that you soon love even if you have never 3D model this way.

I am only showing the basics here and in fact I am quite new with this way of modelling. There are a lot of handy tricks of BoxCutter and also if you design a 3D form cutter using Sverchok, you could end up with a very robust tool to make super complex designs.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments. Maybe you have some questions or ideas to incorporate. What shapes can you make with Sverchok that you can BoxCutter geometry with?

Purchase BoxCutter here:

Watch tutorials by BoxCutter creator MasterXeon1001:

Watch Gleb Alexandrov tutorial on BoxCutter:

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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