Grim Junior – Launch Trailer (2019) [Free Download]
Grim Junior is a 2.5D adventure with puzzle and platforming elements, where you play as little Grim, struggling on hist first day of
work. Armed with only a vacuum cleaner, the player needs to find and catch fresh souls that are hiding around the graveyard and
bring them to the afterlife. But be careful: the graveyard is full of challenges getting in the way of poor Junior’s success in finishing
the job!

Play the Game here: (Link pending)

Design & Production

Cas van Hout
George Wills
Leander Burger
Katja Veļkina
Ruben Hanemaaijer


David van Scheppingen
Paul Berkhof
Bryan Brouwer (

Visual Arts

Aleks Radivilovič
Jimi Weijers
Marit Gorissen
Samuel Habekotté

Credits to all the hard work the team poured into this project.
If you want more information about the game, you can find us on (Link pending)

I took on the role of a technical designer during the project and making sure that all the character animations & UI elements are functional and working in the game.

View on YouTube


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