Buried Memories: Serekh – New HDRP Asset Pack for Unity! (Overview)
Learn more about Serekh here: https://ole.unity.com/SerekhBlog
You can purchase Serekh from here: https://ole.unity.com/Serekh

The Unity Icon Collective strives to democratize high-end asset production. With Buried Memories, starting with Volume 1: Yggdrasil, we hope to inspire creators to extend their own universe but especially to guide aspiring artists and others to observe, analyze and learn from the techniques of industry veterans.

Volume 2: Serekh is an asset pack geared toward an action-adventure game. It gives you the chance to experience being a humanoid creature with legendary strength and powerful technological weapons.

“The package will be enjoyable for players passionate about the sci-fi genre and curious to try on the role of the monster beast troublemaker.” – Edvige Faini, Concept Artist

Serekh invites a discussion about humanity’s vulnerability in the face of technology and science and the extent to which we can push boundaries through enhancement interventions, especially genetic manipulation. What does it mean to be human in the future?

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