Posing Characters in ZBrush 2019
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In my last live stream, I started working on a character based off of a concept by Luis Gadea. In this video I am continuing that process. I start off by showing some tools that you can use for poly modeling while I work on his bag. Then I move on to the hands for a short moment before I do some character posing. Posing this style of character requires you to break more that a few things before you can start fixing. Because the pose is so dynamic and asymmetrical, it would be useless to create a rig when you would still need to re-sculpt everything. So to not waste any time, we want to go directly into transpose master and begin breaking symmetry to block out our pose. Still very rough, but I will be doing more on this guy next Tuesday on the Pixologic Twitch channel at 6 PM EST. Hope to see you there!

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