Illustrator Beginner Tutorial : Learn the Basics in 5 minutes
In this tutorial I show you how to learn the bascis of Adobe #Illustrator CC 2019.

First explain how to open a new document and navigate in the drawing area and how to layout and amange your workspace,

After that I show the tools:

* The shape tools like that rectangle (Ctrl + M)

* The selection tool to move shapes and change the size (V key)

* The direct selection tool for manipulating shapes (A key)

* The Pen Tool for adding and removing points of your shapes (P key)

* The Shape Builder Tool and other bool operations like Merge or Subtract

* The type tool for adding text, setting the size of it and chanhging the font. (T key)

* Illustrator effects like Drop Shadow

* Grouping elements and the layer window (Ctrl + G key)

* The eraser and the brush tool (Shift +E key), also setting the size of it by using the brackets keys

* Gradients for shapes (G key)

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