Let’s tackle the low poly mesh in this part. This took longer than I thought it would so apologies for the length of the video!

In thie series, I take a high poly mesh made by someone else and show you how I’d approach tearing it down into a game ready mesh. This is new for me as I’m always working from my own high poly work – now I get to deal with someone else’s mess!

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Pushing Points Topology Scripts For MODO

I thought it would be fun to take someone else’s high poly mesh and break it down to game res, as if it was assigned to me at a studio or game company. Scott Pearce, an artist on my Discord, was kind enough to donate his “guitar pedal” mesh to the cause.

This small series of videos will show my approaches to organizing the high poly, creating the low poly, doing the UV unwrap, and baking out the normal maps.

Have fun watching!

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I’m a freelance, hard surface 3D artist living in North Carolina. I specialize in hard surface work but I can do pretty much anything from environments to props.

I worked at Epic Games for over 15 years and started freelancing after that. Since then I’ve done prop and environment work for some fun projects, including We Happy Few from Compulsion Games and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I’ve also done a bunch of asset packs for the various marketplaces.

I have experience with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity and know how to put assets together quickly that look good in those engines.

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