Cinelerra-GG Infinity: Create A Pan & Zoom Slide Show.
How to create a high quality pan and zoom image slide shows, with different time, pans and zooms amounts to each clip. Using this system very large/extreme zooms and pans are possible.using Cinelerra-GG Infinity.
How To Install Cinelerra-GG Infinity In Linux.

Cinelerra-GG Infinity: Quick And Easy Video Editing Tutorial For Beginners.

Cinelerra-GG Infinity has many features. They include support for recent versions of ffmpeg, Ultra HD up to 8K, two interfaces for audio plug-ins (LADSPA, and LV2 such as Calf Studio Gear), multiple denoisers and motion stabilizers, multi-camera editing, the use of proxies to lighten the workload of a computer, smart folders media filtering, 10-bit color space (10bit + H.265 requires special build), advance trim, live preview of resources, nested clips, shared tracks, group edits, rendering pre-configuration options for YouTube and the ability to save workspace layouts. It supports over 400 video/picture formats for decoding, and over 150 for encoding, including Apple ProRes, AV1, and WEBP. It has a ¨Sketcher” plug-in for free-hand drawing, supports creating HD Blu-ray, and DVDs, and some OpenCV plugins like FindObj.

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