ZBrush 2019 Tutorial – Universal Camera
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ZBrush 2019 is here and with it a host of new features to check out. I’m Follygon and in this video we’ll be taking a look at the new Universal Camera added to ZBrush 2019.

We have actual cameras with real perspective and real focal length now. This is a really big deal and something I know a lot of you are really excited about. You can create and save multiple camera views as well as lock a camera in a specific place so that you don’t accidentally move it. Not only that, but they even gave us undos on our camera. So if you move something that you didn’t want to, now you can fix it up with the click of a button.

Universal Camera
Previewed at the ZBrush Summit, this new camera system simulates a real-world camera complete with settings for Focal Length, Crop Factor and more. This allows your ZBrush scene to perfectly match that found in any other application or to mirror an imported photograph (or render). It supports undo/redo of camera movements and settings can be stored to be recalled instantly at any time.

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