How to Start Making Games – Unity Playground (Beginner Friendly)
Download Unity Playground:

The Unity Playground is a framework to enable anyone to quickly get started with Unity, with no prior coding knowledge required.
In this video, we quickly see what Playground offers, and how to go from the initial download all the way to making a first game with it. By following this short tutorial you will be able to start making games yourself, or potentially use the Playground in a classroom or a workshop in no time.

Read the Getting Started and Reference Guide on the Learn site here:
Join the discussion on the forums here:

Or, if you feel like you would learn more by taking part in a structured course, take a look at our more advanced offerings:

00:00 – Intro and requirements
01:12 – Getting the Playground and project structure
02:24 – Creating our first game
03:40 – Adding interactivity: Push script, Rotate script
05:20 – Adjusting the Camera, Camera Follow script
07:13 – Health System and Modify Health scripts
07:43 – User Interface, tags
08:39 – Spawning a projectile, Bullet script, creating a Prefab
10:20 – Shooting objects: Object Shooter and Destroy for Points scripts
11:18 – Finishing the game, game design
13:13 – Next steps (edited)

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