#blender 2.8 – retopo timelapse
Side note: KitOps 2.8 is out NOW. https://gumroad.com/l/kitopsprolite/ Vids soon.

Threadripper 2 is so fast I was able to re-render this video twice just to mention kitOPS 2 being out. #amd #threadripper2

So I have been getting used to retopo since it’s such a major part of my pipeline. But in 2.8 it’s different. And strange and not like I was used to it. I am able to do it but it’s not like it was. It’s something with the way hidden wire is shown I think. But the Quick favorites has some possibilities.

I was bs’ing with a sculpt and it wasn’t turning out half bad. So someone suggested I record it. So hey here’s a recording. I had some crashes at the end which frustrated me. I wanted to give up but I decided to keep going to show Blender who’s boss.

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