Stunning Results from Corvette and Jeep Courses
A slideshow of 50 amazing renders from students that have taken the Corvette and Jeep training courses for Blender. If you want to read more about the training, check out the links below:
(Corvette) Master Car Creation in Blender –
(Jeep) Complete Vehicle Production in Blender –

Thanks to everyone who’s purchased the courses and supported my training. It’s been awesome talking with so many of you and seeing so many awesome results.

Here are the artists in the video, in alphabetical order, with links to their sites if available.

Aghyad Khlefawi –
Albert Saorin Reig –
Alexander Lyashenko –
Andy Luck –
Arroyo –
Barbara Ortega –
C Filip
cadaei –
Coops –
David Morrison –
di chito architetto –
Ernest Lebediev –
Fin Eskimo –
Fynn Luminous –
Gabriel Patrulescu –
gmazzia –
Hennadii Hotsaliuk –
Jan Freienstein
Jimmy Clark
Michael van Dijk –
K4NO –
Kornel Szaruga –
Lee Rosario –
Max N –
Maximilian Rolf Kleiner –
Nick Colthorpe –
Nick Oliver
Pavel Horcicka
Philinfrance –
Prashan Subasinghe –
Roger Moore
Royce Ronnigen –
Sami Altaweel –
Testarossa Kimberley –
Tuner117 –
UserBlender –
Volodymyr Haivoronskyi –
Winful Bagyl-bac –,
Yannis Kotsinos

Music in video:
Werq Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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