BSLIVE / Grease Pencil Meditation
In this episode, I am doing a quick rotoscoping animation using Grease Pencil in Blender 2.80 Beta.

I will take you through the process of setting this up and running. It’s very easy to do, all you need is a good computer and Blender 2.80.

What I want to show you with this video is how meditative rotoscoping using Blender Grease Pencil can be. You might not be an animator per se, but this is still a very interesting exercise for your brain and hand and eyes.

Moreover, if you want to be at the level of Kim Jung Gi or Miyazaki Hayao, you need to do a lot of tracing. Minimum of 10000 hours and then it will start to get pretty interesting.

In fact I might start a new series of me just doing rotoscoping and sharing the BLEND grease pencil stroke data.

* For the reference video, it was just an iPhone Live Photo that I extracted out as MOV. The video is a guy skateboarding at Manly Beach. I forgot to ask to give him credit. What good about Live Photo is its limited 3-6 seconds of video more or less. So you can easily trace that length of animation without being tired.

* For rotoscoping, you can use Mouse or Tablet Stylus, ideally maybe Wacom Cintiq with screen, in my case I am using the iPad Pro 2016 mirroring using Duet Display app. The Apple Pencil can stream pressure data but you need the pro account of Duet.

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