BSLIVE SPECIAL / Doddling with Grease Pencil on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
I am interested with the possibilities of using Grease Pencil to make 2D slash 3D blended animation flavour. So here I am testing 2D work environment. It can be slightly tricky if we try to learn everything at once, so I think I will try the very basic exercise: random animated doodles with onion skinning.

Now, a nice setup is to use Wacom tablet with Blender Grease Pencil. But I do not have Wacom with display, only iPad Pro.

Ideally I would love to just have Blender running on iPad. Here I am testing iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and app called Duet Display app to mirror my MacBookPro running Blender. To my surprise this works pretty well up to certain extent.

I will try to push this method and make some kind of rotoscoped animation. Will come back to thid again in the near future.

Doodling using Grease Pencil is indeed fun. My second fave thing, next to noding.

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