#boxcutter : 706 Corridor Timelapse 1
Goofing off with Boxcutter. Wanted to make a video where I wasn’t struggling with speaking at the same time and just unwind for a moment. But only a moment. Video is realtime. I was gonna timelapse it but at 100% speed it still looks fast. Watch out with boxcutter it’ll cut you twice before you hit the ground. 707 coming soon!

To the people posting corridors… stop it. Get some help. Also keep posting your work to the groups and discord! You guys are the bomb diggity. Also update 2.8 maybe daily for now.

Lets listen to Maitro tonight. https://maitro.bandcamp.com/
-Rolls Royce Ghost
-Meteor Shower
-H20 Girl
-European Roulette


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