PROJECT / Augmented Reality 3D Photo Frame ”Santa Steve Memoji”
Here is a little short video recording the whole process of creating a simple augmented reality 3D photo frame using Blender 3D that you can then share to your friends and family.

The whole process is as below:
– Started with a good photo you want to share
– Decide on the frame design
– I am using Skin Modifier to make the photo frame based on the actual size of the photo. I know I want the frame to have arms and legs. I might even animate this later.
– You can add proper texture
– Export as GLTF, test the GLTF
– Convert to USDZ format for Apple iPhone and iPad with iOS 12.


Currently the requirement of USDZ creation is a compiled Pixar USD and some little trickery to make it working. You can use Apple XCode Command Line xcrun usdz_converter as well, but I think it can be simpler, maybe next year?

Thanks to Kacey Coley for the GLTF 2 USD converter, it makes the whole process a lot simpler.

View on YouTube


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