ZBrush Supergroup Grim Artists James W Cain & Maarten Verhoeven – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 23
ZBrush Supergroup We Are Grim Artists James W Cain, Maarten Verhoeven, & Brett Briley* – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 23

A ZBrush Supergroup sparked from 2017’s ZBrush Summit, James W Cain, Maarten Verhoeven, and Brett Briley formed We Are Grim or Grim, who specialize in concept, 3D sculpture, games, film, collectibles, reproduction, and more!
You may have already met Brett Briley in previous ZBrushLIVE content, but take a seat with our host Solomon Blair and get to know the rest of Grim crew!

*Brett Briley is not present in this podcast, but is the 3rd member of We Are Grim. You can find Brett separately in The ZBrush Podcast Episode 16:

Brett is also a ZBrushLIVE streamer, check out all of his VODs here:

Maarten Verhoeven placed 1st in 2018’s Hard Surface ZBrush Sculpt-off category and James W Cain place 3rd in the same category:

Relive 2018’s ZBrush Sculpt-Off Here:
Group 1 https://youtu.be/84lcCXQnNxk
Group 2 https://youtu.be/sZJdReQdcEQ

Discover more about Grim, shop their products and follow James, Maarten, and Brett here: https://www.wearegrim.com/about-us

Audio Version:
iTunes: http://zbru.sh/1xl
Google: http://zbru.sh/21s
Spotify: http://zbru.sh/2×8
Stitcher: http://zbru.sh/2dn




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