LIVENODING 1110 / SV Digging Into The Matrix Of REDDIT
In this episode, I am using Blender Python and SV nodes to parse JSON data line by line and filter out information from REDDIT.

This requires just a basic of knowledge of Python to install certain module, and run the python code, and then parse the data.

You can do the whole thing using Python, but I am using nodes a little bit just to visualize it better.

So basically I first scrap some data using Pushshift API using Python and save the JSON data. It is just all the comments of a Reddit User. Then I bring the data into Blender and use SV nodes to read the text line by line and for each text, we can simply filter the body of the data.

At some point, we can perhaps make a visualization from JSON type of data more easily. Things like TIME, FREQUENCY, etc would be useful to visualize.



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