BSLIVE 0012 / Cleaning Up 3D Scan Mesh For Sketchfab and AR USDZ
In this BS LIVE, I am taking you through the basic process and workflow that I did using Blender 3D open source to edit 3D scan mesh:
– Correcting orientation of mesh
– Deleting unused mesh
– Clone Paint the Mesh
– Saving Texture
– Applying Transform
– Setting up light and contact shadow on Sketchfab
– Converting 3D Model into USDZ for Apple Augmented Reality

I recently gets a bit more serious about 3D scanning and photogrammetry. For 3D scanning, I am using either iPhone X and ScandyPro app, or I use iPad with Structure Sensor.

Newer iPad Pro 2018 actually has 3D scanner true depth front camera like iPhone X too, I am thinking to get that one at some point. I heard it scan a lot faster!

Original DIRTY 3D SCAN:

Cleaned Up 3D SCAN:

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