Visual Studio Code extension for Blender Development [WIP]
Last week I started to customize VS Code a little bit to simplify some tasks related to Blender development. However there were limitations, that I could not easily overcome without making an actual extension. So I started to look into that, did some research (had to learn TypeScript, NodeJS and the vscode api) and finally started coded this extension yesterday.

The goal is to provide the best development experience possible for Blender developers (in the future for both, addon and core developers). A good experience also means that there is minimal effort required to set this up. There are already quite a few addons that allow you to debug Python code in Blender but for me it has always been a hassle.

In this video I show a (not well tested) “one click” solution. You simply launch the Addon in VS Code, select the Blender executable (this only has to be done once) and everything else is automatic. That includes:
– installing some required packages (pip, ptvsd, …)
– setting up a symlink into Blenders addon directory
– establishing communication between VS Code and Blender

[WARNING] While it is already possible to download and install this extension in VS Code, it might not work. I only did some simple tests on linux and windows. MacOS probably does not work at all yet, but that should not be too hard to fix. Maybe someone with a mac can help with that.


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