BSLIVE 0015 / Cycles Stylized TextureGen Node Setup by Danyl Bekoucha
In this BS Live video, I am using both Blender 2.79 and Blender 2.8 Cycles Engine to Demonstrate TextureGen Node Setup by Danyl Bekoucha on my random 3D scan.

You can download the BLEND with this shader goodness from his Tweet:

The TextureGen quickly gives you stylized dirty look that works from certain angle. You can actually bake this and it works a charm just like stylized multi layered ambient occlusion look. Then you can upload to Sketchfab or use it as AR object. Stylized look is the key here.

I made a mistake with Blender 2.8 where I am only previewing the Texture and it is not actually RENDERING. If you activate Cycles Rendering, you can start to see the proper ambient occlusion look on Blender 2.8!

Seize the day!


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