BSLIVE 0011 / Spark AR Anonymous Mask
Originally I want to do AR Tengu Mask from scratch like that one you see on Emoji. But I am waiting for Blender 2.8 official. So for now I am using Guy Fawkes aka ANONYMOUS mask that is readily available to make this AR thing.

ANONYMOUS MASK 3D Asset can be downloaded here:

It would be nice to have proper 3D printing, but then again virtual AR Mask allows you to do a lot more like animation and interaction, plus dynamics.

I have not looked into this FACEBOOK Spark AR app properly, but this is one of the most intuitive AR experience app out there. The app is still Mac OS only though.

Download Facebook Spark AR Studio app here:

Some inspirational folklore objects creation:

Sketchfab Sculpting Challenge: Netsuke

If we are lucky maybe in the future someone sculpt a proper 3D TENGU Mask with good details… or maybe we should do Japanese Fox Mask? Anyways keep eyes on mask especially old traditional mask you see in the museum. By now, ideally all kind of masks should all be accessible as AR. Maybe eventually Sketchfab will host all kind of masks.

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