LIVENODING 1101 / SV Deforming Lattice Using Nodes
In this episode, I am exploring Lattice Props node of Sverchok Add-On to deform and modify LATTICE object using nodes.

Lattice Object can deform any 3D mesh within its bounding are. This is simply one of my most favourite deformer, being simple and easy to use and also powerful.

In its simple shape of BOX, you can change Lattice Details and resolution at any time and then simply edit the lattice points to influence the 3D mesh.

In this video, you can see how you could deform the points using SV nodes. Assigning Vector Noise gives you a wild result pretty easily.

On top of that Lattice Object can also be deformed by Modifiers and Lattice can also have Shapekeys!

Do you have any other ideas to use Lattice? Let me know!


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