LIVENODING 1097 / Custom Facebook 3D Photo using Blender
In this episode, I am sharing a node tree setup using Animation Nodes Add-On, basically to generate word cloud of Pokemon names. I am also supplying the BLEND with compositor node setup that generate the proper 3D depth map.

The node tree is just a random example so that I can also demonstrate how to generate Facebook ”3D Photo” with custom depth map.

Currently you still need iPhone to do this and an app called DepthCam. It is the only app I knew that can generate a proper ”Portrait Mode” photo that works with FB. It’s a nice little hack. It has limitation like in size and also need to be in ratio 4:3. And for image and depth size I am using 800 x 600.

Keep in mind that ”Depth Map” of iPhone Portrait photo for 12 MP is a lot smaller than the photo.



Using iPhone and DepthCam app to embed depth map and generate 3D Photo ready image for Facebook:


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