LIVENODING 1091 / AN 3D Supershape Node
This live noding video was fully inspired by this SUPERSHAPE Blender Python BPY code that can be used to generate interesting 3D mesh shapes:

I look at the code and decided to translate it into NODE using Animation Nodes add-on. You can also try using Sverchok.

The fact is that this “complex” math formula will generate mesh data: verts, edges, and polygon face indices that translates well into 3D mesh shapes in Blender, I could do this very easily under 10 minutes. This is also thanks to many useful nodes already created in AN.

Once it becomes a node with inputs and outputs parameters, we managed to contain the abstraction and only play with numbers to generate 3D shapes. It is very powerful to work this way.

Try finding all sort of Math formula out there, and see if you can turn it into nodes using Script Node.

Huge credit to Nathan Miller for his superformula! And also AN and SV wizards.


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