LIVENODING 1089 / SV Advanced Looping Animation By Overlap
In this episode, I am sharing an example node tree using Sverchok add-on in Blender that basically able to generate a looping procedural noise at any durations that you specify. There are endless unlimited variations you can generate.

The trick is basically like this:
– You have some kind of baked procedural texture or simulation, maybe 200 frames
– Have duplicate of the sims and then OFFSET it by half of original total duration, in this case offset it by 100.
– Overlapping sims at half duration will then have the same first and last frame. We can then simply crossfade and blend mix the middle part of the simulation.
– This results in a perfect looping animation based on 2 simulations.

Another trick sometimes is to blend 2 simulations, in which one of them is reversed. But I prefer the solution above.

I can probably make another video, explaining how you can use this setup to blend simulation like flag or wave or particle simulations.



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