B3d/ZB/MD: Threadox Pt.1
In this video I use mainly Blender, a little Marvelous and a tad of Zbrush. 8.5 hours crunched down to 3 and narrated.

Let’s make a robot! In this video I give a narrated timelapse while discussing my AMD system. I did this video after waking up so I shouldn’t be talking too fast and I had no coffee. Even with 2.79 being on the way out let’s make a character!

NickShoIto did the intro. A legend unto himself.

AMD was so kind as to give me a new system made by Maingear!
Threadripper 2 2990WX, 128GBRM, 2TB SSD, 1080tiX2,

Threadox is a variant of Veldox made for the purposes of this sponsored AMD demonstration. Blender 2.79


I thank AMD immensely for this opportunity. 32 cooooress woooo!

Part 2 coming soon!

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