BSLIVE 0016 / Virtual Walk Fly Using Blender 3D and Beyond
Earlier today I was browsing some of Sketchfab 3D models showcased and found out this one I really like:

“The Hallwyl Museum by Thomas Flynn”

We probably have seen some 3D models like this in Sketchfab, but I think this is one great example asset of how you can present a 3D room that you perhaps scan using photogrammetry and showing it to the world via medium like Sketchfab.

The 3D model is low poly, however the textures is pretty high. It represent around 8 different rooms of this luxury house. It feels quite immersive.

Sketchfab provided a way for you to experience the place using typical orbit, zoom, dolly movie, or as VR or AR, although I do not have VR device, so I tried to do it using Augmented Reality or AR, via USDZ format on iPhone. I do quite like Sketchfab informative text UI on 3D that I could not yet replicate using USDZ.

In this video, I am also using Blender awesome feature “Fly and Walk Navigation” on both Blender 2.79 and Blender 2.8 to give beginners some ideas.

I think 2018 is a very exciting time that we can see people in general having access to 3D contents easier. Still mostly via apps on small mobile devices like iPad or iPhone, but this is a great leap.

Ideally in the future, we can have portable Blender running on mobile device in realtime and can handle this task at 60 fps and beyond.

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