DEMO / Converting Sketchfab GLTF TO USDZ
In this quick demo, I am using Sketchfab 3D GLTF model example and converting it very quickly into USDZ file format that works on supported iOS 12 devices on iPhone and iPad that you can share for AR Quick Look.

Basically in theory, 3D object contents with bone animations and materials should all correctly converted from GLTF to USDZ using this method.

Sketchfab app is already able to do Augmented Reality AR viewing, but USDZ works like heaps better because it is on device! Maybe future Sketchfab app can do AR a bit better? 🙂


You might notice funkiness with some of the Material, that happens when you have RGBA instead of RGB for the PNG materials, it seems to react with Alpha and Transparency. So you want to convert some RGBA PNG to RGB.


SIPS command to remove Alpha from RGBA:
for i in *.png; do sips -s format bmp “${i}” –out “${i%png}bmp”; done
for i in *.bmp; do sips -s format png “${i}” –out “${i%bmp}png”; done

View on YouTube


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