BSLIVE 0013 / Blender Animation GLTF into USDZ
In this LIVE session I am going to talk about how to convert Blender armature bones animation into USDZ via GLTF.

GLTF is already pretty common format for 3D content for web and you can already export animation using Khronos Group addon. It can package material, animation, etc.

If you do not know USDZ yet, you probably missed lots of my videos in the past.

USDZ is basically a zipped Pixar USD file that will work within all supported Apple iOS devices running iOS 12 — coming very soon. You can easily drop 3D content as AR via this USDZ format. It has its “limitations” but you will soon see how this format can be used in apps and you can easily AirDrop and email or just embed into website. It is pretty cool.

In order to do this you need Pixar USD v18.09 already compiled and built inside your system. It will work on Mac or Windows.

Thanks Kasey Coley and Ashley for your help!


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