3 Tips For Working Faster With MOP Booleans In MODO
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Enhanced MOP Boolean Assembly

This quick video outlines 3 tips I would recommend for working faster with the MOP Boolean toolkit. Working in real time is the most important thing for an artist to be able to create with total flow and staying in the zone.

1. Work in the default viewport. It’s the fastest one for MOP Boolean responsiveness and rendering.

2. Work on operands in a mesh item that is outside of the assembly. Modifying meshes that are already in the assembly is going to be slow and kill your flow.

3. Don’t work with subd operand meshes. Yes, MOP Booleans can handle subd meshes but it WILL slow you down very quickly. Things get heavy, fast.

Motion Graphics : Skye Nelson, aka “SkyeShark” ( http://skyeshark.artstation.com )

I am a freelance artist specializing in environment and prop art, for both the Unreal and Unity game engines:


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