LIVENODING 1061 / SV Rethinking Path Intersection With Nodes
In this episode, I would like to think about Polygon Edge Path and the way it can intersect and create good union shapes.

You can perform 2 path intersection using add-on called TinyCAD:

The addon above came with recent version of Blender already you just need to enable it in the Preferences.

Apart from that we also have cool tool like Sverchok that perhaps can very much do the same.

Ideally if we have tools to make Polygon Boolean 2D to work more or less like Adobe Illustrator Pathfinder operation or NURBS Curve operations, that would me things so much easier.

A way back ago, I use Shapely module inside SV to make Boolean 2D kind of happening and it was quite nice: LIVENODING 969.

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