LIVENODING 1059 / SV Processing Animated Point Cloud Data
In this episode, I am explaining a step by step procedure of how you could import some type of point cloud data (CSV) into something that you can view and further process in Blender.

We have done this in the past, but today I will show you a quick and easy way to flip through each CSV for each frame sequence.

The point cloud data I am using is from “RADIOHEAD – House of Cards”, you can download from here:

Supposedly the point cloud is captured at 30 fps if you want to sync it. This music video was created over 10 years ago. These days, if you want to do it at home, if you have something like Kinect or iPhone X or Magic Leap, you can actually record point cloud in realtime at 60 fps and project and render it on the device.

With this video, you can see that if we have a nice clean data that is open and accessible on cloud, you can simply remix and make something out of it years after.


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